Agilium Worldwide Norway (AWN) recruits managers, key personnel and board members in the private and public sectors.

By virtue of thoroughness and experience, AWN is the preferred partner for companies and organizations that will hire senior executives, middle managers, specialists and board members with a good understanding of value-creating work processes.

Our Services

Executive Search

We assist businesses hiring a new CEO or members of the company's top management.

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Professional Search

We assist companies recruiting middle managers and key personnel with professional expertise.

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International Search

Adapted to Norwegian companies that need a local recruitment partner that can assist with global recruitment.

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Specialist Recruitment

We recruit specialists in the areas of expertise we at all times possess

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Support assessments

We assist companies that carry out the recruitment processes themselves, with a thorough assessment of the candidate.

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Board recruitment

Adapted to owners/election committees who need assistance in recruiting new board members.

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