We at Agilium Worldwide Norway emphasize that you as a candidate will feel taken care of when you are in a process of future employment with one of our clients.

We guarantee that you will receive all the information that is required about the current position and the current employer so you can make the right decision in relation to your further career development.

  • We have given our clients "Right person in the right place" warranty and will never introduce you as a candidate for a position we do not believe you will enjoy.
  • We also guarantee a confidential treatment to our clients until we have made an agreement with you as to whom and when your candidacy will be made publicly.

 * We know that it is demanding for a candidate to be involved in an employment process, and we will be sure to keep you continuously informed of the development of the process.

 * If you have applied for a vacancy with us, you will receive information after the expiration of the application deadline about the schedule for the further process.

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