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The requirements for boards and board members have increased strongly in recent years. According to the Norwegian Code of Practice for Governance Committee (NUES), evaluation of the board and its function should take place annually. For the boards that want external assistance for this evaluation, we have entered into a strategic cooperation with the company iStyrelsen.

iStyrelsen's core business consists of training in value-creating board work, board evaluation and facilitation of exclusive control network groups. In addition, the board's evaluation will give the owners/electoral committee useful input when evaluating the existing board's competency composition and functioning.

The cooperation with the iStyrelsen eliminates a potential conflict of interest in the event that a board evaluation is carried out for a business customer with the subsequent need for recruitment of new board members. In such cases, the Board of Directors can carry out the iStyrelsen’s evaluation, and AWN can, in an unbiased way, offer recruitment services of board members. In other words, these two services are not offered by the same provider to avoid any suspicion of conflict of interest.

We assist in the work of recruiting new board members, either as supplementation of individual board members or for the composition of the entire board of directors. As a basis for this work, we have a well-proven methodology for uncovering competence needs for the entire boardroom or competence gap in connection with individual recruitment of board members.

Read more about board evaluation at iStyrelsen

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