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Agilium Worldwide Norway has a team of experienced advisors and managers. We have both long operational experience through demanding leadership roles and long experience of recruiting managers and specialists to a variety of professional branches. Our business is well-founded on thoroughness and we guarantee you as a principal that you will get the "Right Man in the Right Place" - every time you use our service. Our recruitment work is based on trust between you as a client, us as consultants and current candidates. 

We guarantee our candidates that we will provide them with all the necessary information they need to make the right decision according to their further career development. This requires that we know you as a client well, and that we treat this information in a satisfactory manner in according to your need for confidentiality. Our recruitment process is based on the highest quality standards in our field.

We use DnV-GL approved tests and always conduct a thorough background check of our candidates. A background check is essentially an independent 3rd party verification of the information the job seeker provides, as well as a review of a number of security-related checkpoints. A background check can reveal anything from irregularities related to resume, education, competence and identity to a story of  extreme views, violation of the Criminal Code, conflicts, cases of negative reputations and substance abuse issues.

Executive Search

We assist businesses hiring a new CEO or members of the company's top management.

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Professional Search

We assist companies recruiting middle managers and key personnel with professional expertise.

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International Search

Adapted to Norwegian companies that need a local recruitment partner that can assist with global recruitment.

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Specialist Recruitment

We recruit specialists in the areas of expertise we at all times possess

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Support assessments

We assist companies that carry out the recruitment processes themselves, with a thorough assessment of the candidate.

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Board recruitment

Adapted to owners/election committees who need assistance in recruiting new board members.

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Jon A. Steen

Managing Partner
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