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Our Executive concept is specifically adjusted to businesses that wish to hire new CEOs or members in the company's top management (C-suite). 

We are experienced consultants with a long experience as senior executives within several industries. We both are and have been board members / managers in a number of businesses in different industries. Our combination of experience and strategic and commercial understanding with the clients' needs, give us a unique opportunity to get thoroughly involved in the client's business challenges. This also gives us a solid foundation for analysing the company's current culture and ability of discussing the necessary strategic challenges with the company's board and the CEO. Based on this, we establish a requirement profile that ensures that we are looking for candidates with the right requirements for solving the individual roles.

By basing our work on candidate searches, we ensure that our clients can attract the right candidates who meet the requirement profile for the positions. With our long experience as recruitment consultants and line managers, we have significant networks in both the public and private sectors. We use this to get in touch with candidates who are right for the current position. We also use all available digital capabilities to map the market.

1. Business and job analysis

2. Research

3. Selection

4. Quality assurance

5. Candidate presentation

6. Contract

Responsible Advisor

Jon A. Steen

Managing Partner
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